Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Deals Still Available

Our first stop was to Great Clips where I had a coupon for a $7.99 hair cut.  Kyle's hair was getting very long, so the hair cut was definitely needed.   Kara decided to get a slight trim while we were there.   My Great Clips coupon saved me $5.01.  

We then went next door to Staples to pick up a few of their special deals, and to check out the backpacks.  Since I have the 15% of coupon card and also a $6 Staples reward certificate,  we got some really good deals.   
Special deal notebooks are only 1 penny each (limit 6)     (after coupon and reward, 1 was free)
2 sided accordion files, normally $9.99, were on sale for $5.    (after coupon and reward, final price $3.65)
4GB flash drive on sale for $6.99  (after coupon and reward, final price $6.46)
Special deal sharpies, normally $1.99, on sale .25 each. (after coupon and reward, final price .19)
Backpack priced at $39.99, 50% off Yak Pak $19.99. (after coupon and reward, final price $15.69
Lanyard normally $2.99    (after coupon and reward, final price $2.35)
Highlighters normally $2.99,  on sale $1  (after coupon and reward, final price .78)
Special Deal 4 poly binders normally $1.99 each on sale .25 each (after coupon and reward, final price .19)

Kara and I have beeen looking for a desk or vanity for her room throughout the summer.  Everything I have found was way more than we wanted to spend. I would go check out garage sales, but I dont always have the time.   Today I saw this special deal computer cart, and I had a great idea.   They are regularly priced $69.99,  but currently on sale for $39.99.  After the reward discount (the 15% is not valid on furniture)  final price was $36.94.   It is available in maple and expresso as seen here.   At the check out the cashier recommended we upgrade to their warrenty in case we scratched it.  I just laughed and said we didnt need it because  plan on PAINTING it to match her room.  Yes, technically it is a computer cart now, but when we are done with it,  it is going to be a vanity and homework desk,  where she can someday use a computer when she has one.    We will have to find a cute and colorful chair now.  Hopefully I can find one an clearance at Target.

I saved well over $50 in sales prices and $11.60 in coupons and Staples rewards.   I still need to get Kyle a backpack, but since he wanted just a plain black one, I am going to get his at Target where they are at least $10 cheaper.. =)

We have a new fun store called Five Below.   Everything in the store is $5 and cheaper and it is aimed to the teen/tween market.  I was excited at this store to find Five Star Binders, regularly $10 at Target and other stores for only $5.  I bought my oldest two different ones because she was not with us and I had no idea which  one she would like.  I really liked the zip up binder because inside it had a pencial pouch, small cosmetic type bag and a agenda book.  When I saw the green notebinder, I knew I had to have it because she had this kind a few years ago and it worked really well.  It even fits inside the zip up binder if she wanted to use both if she wants.  The yellow flower binder was only $2,  the pencil pouches (normally $3 at other stores) only $1.50 each and the Buzy Bee Tee Shirt was only $5. 

Our last store of the day was Payless.   Both Kyle and Kara need new tennis shoes.   I was suprised (though not too surprised) to find out that my growing like a weed son was wearing shoes that were a size and half too small!! He went from a size 10 to size 16 in clothes in less than a year, why not grow 3 shoe sizes in a year.   He really like the black and green Champion shoes.  I really wanted to get him a pair of blue and black ones that were a half size bigger, but he insisted that those were the ones he really  wanted.   Kara immediately found the rainbow and pink shoes, and BONUS they were on sale for $15.   Another added bonus, and the reason why we went to Payless is  it is now BOGO and I had a $5 coupon.  I could not help myself when I saw the blue slip-ons, and then since it was BOGO we also picked up and cute pair of sandals for Kara for next smmer (or me this summer.. LOL!) for only $3    After coupon and BOGO, all 4 pairs of shoes were only $34.44.

Just one more backpack to buy and then we are READY for school!   

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