Saturday, August 27, 2011

Froggy Fun

Tonight Kara found 3 little frogs on the sliding glass door, and Kara being Kara had to "save" them. We already had a tadpole habitat which was the perfect house for the little frogs.   I have to admit they are really cute.    The little guys inspired me to find and post some fun froggy food. 


You can find this froggy cupcake version on
This version is from Parents Magazine

And this sweet version is from

If you prefer making a cake to cupcakes, this happy guy can be found at Taste of Home.

I found several froggy cake pops. This one is from Bakerella.

This cute big eyed version is from Cakepop Cottage

How about some froggy sherbet from

I almost forgot about this adorable froggy watermelon by Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons.  I have shared it before and it would be the perfect adddition to a frog themed party. 

We almost had a crisis here.  One of the cats opened the lid to the frog habitat, and Kara thought one of the frogs got out.  After a few minutes of panic, we realized he was still inside the habitat.. Its going to be a long night.  LOL!

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