Friday, June 17, 2011

Whew.. we are almost there..

We have completed day 2 of the sale.  Yesterday (Thursday) was by far the better of the two days.  We had constant traffic and I sold pretty much most of my bigger items.  Only one of my items was over $10, and that was a toddler bed that went to a family that I know from school.    Today was a much slower sale day but I got to spend the day talking with a friend.  Several other people I know stopped by the sale as well.     If you are wondering what is in the picture above, it is my garage sale tip.   I accidently came up with this idea last year and like it so well, I did it again this year.  I had a small rolling cart, that I made my sale center.  In the bottom drawer, I kept the cash box.   Having it in a drawer kept it out of view but allowed me to have easy access when necessary.  In the other drawers I had my calculator, tape, pen, paper towels, wipes and anything else I might need.    In the pink box on top,  I stored all my plastic bags that were easy to grab when needed.  I had more than one shopper tell me they thought that way I set up my center was a good idea.  

We had a successful sale with our Beading to Beat Autism table.  We sold 20 bracelets so far.   This makes 44 bracelets sold  in a week!  Thank you to all that have contributed. 

We also had a successful recital rehearsal.   Now we just have the recital on Saturday.    Tomorrow at 5:30,  I will be able to breath again and my schedule will slow down significantly!  

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