Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's the Final Countdown!!!

In 22 hours, school will be out for the summer.   My extremely busy schedule will also slow down significantly.  Today we have  the last few end of the years activities, field day for one child and talent show dress rehearsal for another. I went to have lunch with my daugthers class for the last time and we had a mini luau party.    After 8 years at an elementary school that I love,  my last child will have finished up her last class.  I will miss so many of the teachers and parents from that school.  Right now I am in complete denial that I am done, because it does not seem real yet.  I dont think it will hit me until next year when we do not go back to the school.  I have had many teachers tell me these last few days that I better come back to visit.  Tomorrow will be such  a bittersweet day.   

Let's limbo!


  1. Awww...sweet post! You should be a're a natural.

  2. Ang..I have volunteered so much at that school, a lot of the kids think I am one of the teachers.. LOL!! I was a sub for a short time and hope to get back to that once all the kids are settled in their new schools.


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