Monday, June 13, 2011

My Crazy Schedule Update

I am sorry I have not been posting a lot in the last few days.  There is just too much going on this week.  In addition to the upcoming birthday party,  and Beading to Beat Autism,  we are setting up for the neighborhood garage sale and Kara has a dance recital, rehearsal and banquet this week.  Its one of those weeks when there is too much to do and not enough time.    Oh and I forgot,  I have to get my car cleaned out because on Wed, the dealership is coming to look at it because the lease is up this month.  Umm..  I have had 3 kids (who are NOT neat) in this car for 3 years, so it is not an easy job.    Today one of my kids has an appointment and then tonight Kara has a girl scout meeting for their summer camping trip.   Everything will get done somehow. 

In case you are wondering what there is a cell phone picture in this post,  I HAD TO SHARE the amazing deal I got at Target this week.   My old cell phone was on its last legs.  The battery was constantly beeping and losing charge.  I only used it for emergencies and texts, but have been wanting to upgrade to a smart phone if I found the right deal.  I could not justify an expensive plan so I have been using a month to month service.    This week Target had their Optimus V phones regularally $199 on sale for $179, plus you got back a $20 gift card.   Hmm..  the deal was starting to look good..   I also found a $50 gift card in my purse recently that I was given at Christmas and forgot about..   Really leaning toward the phone..  Then as I stood in the aisle debating if I should get it, a Target employee came up to talk to me about it.  He said that he noticed I was a coupon shopper (my binder was in the cart).   He than said that with the apps, and mobile coupons I would receive on this new phone,  my savings would pay for the phone..  SOLD!    Another employee who I have talked about the phones before rang me up.. She was very surprised when she scanned the phone.. It rang up for $149.. $30 LESS than the sale price.   She said she was not sure why it rang up less, but she was going to go with the scanned price..   I used my Target card which took off 5% more.  Once my $50 gift card was applied, my OOP price was $102.49, but then I also got a $20 gift card..  Final price only $82.49..  I saved $128.45 off of full price a 61% savings.. WOOHOO!

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