Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meijer Deals of the week

Because of my pantry/freezer challenge this month, I am trying to stick to a budget of only $50 a week.   This week the sales are AWESOME so I was able to get everything in BOTH  picturees for only $57.   I  did have one splurge which I will explain in a minute.    I spent $43.97 at Meijer. (first picture)  I found out once I got home that two $1 Meijer Meal Box coupons did not show up because of how the computer recognized the items.  It evened out though because one item that was marked $4.99,  rang up $2.99.   I saved $28.75 in coupons, $42.59 in sales for a total of $71.34 in savings! 

In the 2nd picture is from VGS where  I spent only $13.03!.  I am still amazed by that one.  I saved $23.39 in coupons, $13.36 in sales for  total of $36.95 in coupons. 

The reason why I did so well at Meijer this week is because of their dollar deals..  Many of the items in the picture were on sale for only $1. 

Strawberries $1
carrots $1
spinach $1
cole slaw $1
canned chicken $1
Wonder bread $1
 Aunt Millie Hamburger buns $1
mushrooms $1
tomatoes $1
Duncan Hines brownies $1

In addtiton to the $1 deals,  I got even more great deals 

My carrots were FREE because by 10 $1 items, get the 11th free
Finish dish detergent was marked $4.99 clearance, rang up $2.99.   I had a $3 coupon so it was FREE
KY was $2.82,  I had two $3 coupons, both were FREE
Duncan Hines brownie mixes on sale for $1, I had two .50 coupons that doubled so they were FREE

Last week Meijer had Purex with Zout on sale for $3.49.  They ran out so I got a rain check this week I got 2 bottles for only .49 each.

Taco Bell items were 50% off.  I had two .75 off 2 coupons.   Refried beans were on sale for .54 a can.  I got all four for only .66 or .14 each.

Bar S was on sale for $1.  I had a $1 off 2 coupon, final price .50 each

Lucky Charms on sale for $2.50.  Buy 4 get $3 automaticaly off.  I also had two $1 off two coupons. I bought all 4 boxes for $5.  We LOVE Lucky Charms so they were worth $1.25 a box.

Jacks Pizza was on sale for $2.50.  I had two .55 coupons,  final price $1.95 each

Armor Pepperoni on sale $1.  I had a .55 coupon, final price .45

Rotel Tomatoes on sale $1.  I had one .30 coupon that doubled, final price .40.

My splurge was the $3.99 Paczkis.   I LOVE these and they are only available the week before Fat Tuesday.    Since they are only available a few days a year and I did so well on my sales and coupons,  I did pay FULL price.. GASP!! 

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