Monday, March 7, 2011

Fairy Bread

Today my daughter had Girl Scouts.  I ended up going to the meeting with her because she forgot and came home..ooops!   I took her to the meeting and ended up staying.   Today for a World Thinking Day project they were learning about the country of Australia.   One of the very favorite things they learned about Australia was the snack Fairy Bread.   It is the most simple of recipes but yet tastes so good!       Wikipedia is not sure of the origin but did say that in 1885 Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a poem called Fairy Bread in  a Child's Garden of Versus.     It is often served at children's parties and celebrations of all kinds.  

To make

Spread butter or margarine on bread
liberally use sprinkle or "jimmies"
Cut  the bread into 4 triangles 

My daughter asked if we could come home and make it since it is so good.   I think we can handle that. 

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