Friday, November 30, 2018

Dare to Share #342

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Hey there party goers, this time I am actually writing this post early.   For those who were following along last week, my beloved Buckeyes won big over their biggest rival Michigan. If you are wondering what TTUN means in the comments, it is one of the many things we use when referring to U of M.. It stands for That Team Up North.. This weekend we will now have to play Northwestern on Saturday night, to become the outright Big 10 champion. (who actually has 14 teams now). 

My question for this week.. Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?  I do not, but I am going to help a friend get hers up tonight. My daughter needs to pick up some of her things, before we put ours up. Hopefully everything will be done this weekend.  

It is time to get this party started..  

Link up and HAVE FUN!! 



  1. Thanks Pam for your 342nd Dare to Share - a small gold coloured tree is up - but mostly so I can take pictures for my blog. I love seeing all the already wonderfully decorated homes - inspiration.

  2. No decorations here yet. We're finishing up a major kitchen renovation, and if I get the sheet rock dust vacuumed off every surface today, maybe . . .

  3. Here in Austria we decorate the tree in the afternoon of the 24th - and in the evening Santa Claus will come (here known as "Christkind")! =)

  4. Yes, our tree is up! We made ornaments with our son the day after Thanksgiving.


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