Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day Crafts with Oriental Trading

A few weeks ago, I planned on having T and B over  to make Valentine's Day crafts. As you may have seen in previous posts.  I am an ambassador for Oriental Trading Company. They recently sent over several craft items for the girls and me to try out. Originally I thought I would have the room decorated, and some sweet treats made for the girls  Because of our crazy schedules that is not exactly what happened.  Instead our day was full of several activities.  After church, we went to Costco for the sample tour and lunch. By the time we made it back to my place, there were only a couple of hours to create, before heading off to our church group Super Bowl Party. (which will be posted shortly)  Nothing was decorated, and my dining room table turned into a full on craft explosion in the girls excitement. 

Their favorite craft were these Unicorn Valentine Bags. The purple flowers are NOT part of the craft. I had to add them to the picture when I realized the girls wrote their names on the horn. The pieces are self sticking, and really easy to put together.  Both of the girls made more than once since the kit came with 12 unicorns.  

I think their second favorite were the Monster Cupcake Boxes.  The girls put together craft foam monsters that stuck on to the side of a single cupcake box.  You would be able to see the cupcake in the mouth of the monster if it held one.  You may notice that it is on a different table. When we ran out of time we took some of the crafts to the Super Bowl party so they would have some things to make during the game.  

We had several different kinds of beads to work with, so each of the girls (including my daughter who also worked on the crafts) could make their own necklace. All three of the love the giant heart bead.

Here is one of the finished necklaces.  

These are candy hugging monsters you can give out as Valentines.  The arms wrap around the candy.  

The girls made some of the Emoticon Valentine Magnets but took them home before I realized I did not get a picture.  I have some left so I will have to make some more.  

I have a few decorations that I was not able to put up yet. Now I plan on using them to decorate for real Valentines Day.  When put together these are adorable Owl Paper Lanterns.  I also have a pink tablecloth and heart banner.  

I sent home a few of the Owl Lollipops with the girls. I will save the rest for Valentine's Day  

We did not have time to work on the Sequin Heart Boxes. This will have to wait until next time. The girls are very excited to make these as soon as they can.  

Do you want to check out Oriental Trading Company for your own Valentine party supplies and crafts?   They are currently having a 10 Days of Valentine Deals.  Each day is a new special deal through the end of the week. 

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