Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Purple Unicorn Party

My daughter's and I have loved unicorns for a long time, way before they became the current sensation.  Thirteen years ago, my oldest daughter had an unicorn themed birthday party and invited all of the girls in her class.  It was her first birthday party in her new school, and she was quite excited to celebrate with her new friends.  My youngest was only two at the time, and was very excited about the party too. (though she may not look like it in this picture LOL!)  She was thrilled to hand out the unicorn horn headbands to the guests. Because this party was held way before I became a blogger, I don't have a lot of detail pictures, but I do have some that would be relevant to a present day Unicorn Party.  Purple was her absolute favorite color at this age, so she chose it as her main color for the party.  (her entire room was purple down to the walls and the carpet) 

Disclosure:  The links to the items I used at this party are affiliate links.

At the time I had trouble finding an unicorn cake pan, so I had to be creative in how I put together the cake.  If my memory serves me right, I used a dome cake pan kind of like this one here for the head, and a large circle cookie cutter to cut out the nose.  The unicorn's horn is an ice cream cone covered in frosting.  In the picture it looked like I used Wilton Ready to Decorate Icings with tips instead of making my own.  I can not tell what the eye was made from in the picture, but it looks like a circle piece of candy or a flattened gum drop. 

In this picture you can see a better view of the unicorn horn headband.  I bought pastel colored headbands from the dollar store.  The horn and ears were made from felt, and the mane of color coordinated yarn. I think we might still have their unicorn headbands around her somewhere. I should see if I can find them. 

I know this picture is kind of blurry, but it is the only one I have of the craft  We made unicorn picture frames out of craft foam. When the girls arrived I took a picture of them in front of the fireplace wearing their unicorn horns.  I then printed off all of the pictures before it was time to craft.  This may have been a craft kit, but it kind of looks like just improvised. Even though the unicorns kind of look like Grimace, the girls loved them at the time. 

I do remember giving the girls a small goody bag of candy and trinkets, but what they loved the most were the stuffed unicorns.  We found several unicorns on clearance and then made sure we had enough for each of the guests and each of my kids. Looking back at this picture, I just have to smile. Every single one of these little ones are now between the ages of 17 and 20!   Time really flies!   How we handed out the unicorns was by playing a game. Each unicorn was wrapped in pretty paper.  The kids sat in a large circle, and then we played a version of hot potato.  If you were holding the wrapped gift when the music stopped, you left the circle and opened your unicorn.  The kids felt like they were receiving presents too, and they had something they could keep as a memento from the party.  I found a few unicorns online very similar to the ones we handed out.  You and see them herehere, and here.

The party was a success and to this day, it is still one of my daughter's favorites. 

We have several new unicorn posts in the works so watch for them very soon!!  

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