Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Nests - Features of the Day

Now that Spring is finally here, the birds will start to build nests for their new babies once again. On more than one occasion we have been blessed with a nest on our property, and have been able to see the babies grow up until they left the nest    My Dare to Share Features of the Day  today all have to do with  with the sweetness of a Spring nest.  

The Gold Lining Girl  shared her colorful Bird Nest Cupcakes, that are both beautiful and delicious  (upper left) 

Treat Yourself Sweeter  shared Chocolate Pretzel Easter Nests that will be sure to be loved by your sweet tooth (upper right)

Sarah Halstead  shared her sweet cookie cups complete with adorable baby chicks (lower left) 

About Family Crafts shared a great craft for kids to make their own colorful nests and chicks.  (lower right) 

Be sure to stop by and check out all of these features.  Every one of them  would be great for your Easter and Spring parties.    Thank you so much Sarah, Kirsten, Sarah, and Sherri for sharing your posts with us on Dare to Share!

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