Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baymax Movie Party Ideas - Features of the Day

With the recent release of Big Hero 6, I noticed there were several Baymax movie party ideas linked to this weeks Dare to Share.   Big Hero 6 is a movie that we have wanted to see, but have not had a chance to yet.  Baymax seems like such a big, lovable marshmallow but  is actually a robot, who helps Hiro and his friends in a big adventure.  

Baymax Marshmallow Dip by Frugal Foodie Mama is perfect for dipping pretzels, crackers or fruit. 

Baymax Candy Necklaces by Melissa Kaylene (also known as the Willamette Valley Wonder Woman) can be made by your guests stringing up their favorite candy and Baymax marshmallows 

Baymax Cookie Pops by Sarah Halstead is an easy to hold treat perfect for watching Big Hero 6. 

Thank you so much Carrie, Melissa, and Sarah for linking up your great party ideas to shit week's Dare to Share party!

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