Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chocolate Mint Desserts and Treats - Features of the Day

I tried to post this feature last night, but was having some trouble with my Picmonkey. Yesterday and today we were dealing with more health stuff which I will share more about  in a bit.  After the last few days, you can understand why today's features contain two of my favorite ingredients together... chocolate and mint! 

Mint Chocolate Brownie Recipe

These Mint Chocolate Brownies by Growing Up Gabel remind me of my favorite cookies.. Can you guess what they are.. (hint..  I have a girl scout) 

Chocolate Mint Pudding with Chia Seed

Do you love chocolate pudding like I do?  These Mint Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding cups by Tried and Tasty look really good.  While I have never tried Chia seeds before, they definitely look interesting. 

Chocolate Cake and Mint Trifle

I think I could eat this entire Heavenly Chocolate Mint Trifle  also by Tried and Tasty by myself. Yum! 

a mojito recipe with Raspberry Chocolate Mint

While I am personally not much of a drinker , I think this Raspberry Chocolate Mint Mojito by Pink Heels Pink Truck  looks really good and refreshing.  

Thank you so much Camille, Yvonne, and Taylor for linking up your awesome posts to this week's Dare to Share!

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