Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Migraines are No Fun

Sorry to be be so quiet the last couple of days.  It looks to be another week of migraines and Drs. appointments.  Kara was not able to go to school at all on Monday, and only part of the day today.   At lunch time I brought her some Ibuprofen.  When it was not doing anything the office allowed me to run her to McDonalds to get some caffeine.  That did not really help either.  She finally started feeling a little better after laying down and taking a nap.  This afternoon her older sister had her 18 yr check up..(eek!)  While there I showed the Dr. a picture of Kara's thyroid that I took the other day. It is quite swollen.  You might remember from a few years ago  when I had my issues with a swollen thyroid.  The Dr took one look at the photo and said to bring her in as soon as possible.  We have an appointment later this week.   While we are not sure what we will find out, we may actually find some answers to what is going on.  We can only hope!   


  1. I live with a migraine sufferer, my husband, all his life he has had them. Tried many methods to get them under control. this has been the best year since he began some very good vitamins. Anyways I feel your pain.

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