Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tater Waffles

How to make waffles from tater tots

Recently I saw a video on Facebook with several things you can make in your waffle maker.  A lot of times videos like these make things look super easy, but when you try it at home, it just does not work. Since I have a pretty nice collection of appliances that I rarely use, I decided to break out my waffle maker,  and try out some of the ideas.   One that I knew my kids would really love was the first one I decided to try... Tater Tot Waffles 

When I bought my waffle maker I really thought I would use it frequently, whipping up healthy waffles for my kids.  Yea... that has not happened. Early in the morning, they only have a few minutes for breakfast.  When they do want to eat a waffle, they will grab an inexpensive frozen box waffle that takes a minute in the toaster.  I have even seen one of them be too impatient for the toaster, and eat them right out of the freezer. I know I could make batches ahead of time and freeze them, but that has not happened either.  I have only used my waffle maker a handful of times, so it will be fun to try out a few new ways to use it.  

In the video, the tater tots were randomly placed on a circle single size waffle maker.  Mine is rectangular,  and makes two waffles at a time. I sprayed on some cooking spray, and then placed the tater tots in some order, but they were not tightly placed.    It turns out that is not the best idea. I am not sure how the waffle in the video stayed together, but mine completely fell apart.  Not all was lost though, the tater tots still tasted great. 

The second time I lined the tater tots horizontally, and as close together as possible. 

This time it was a success!  There were  still a few places where the tots did not full touch, but the entire waffle stuck together.  I carefully removed them from the waffle maker with a spatula, and put them on the plate.  My waffle maker is just a basic model, so it does not have any fancy dials or timers.  I just watched the time for about 5 minutes, and checked them a few times to make sure they were not burning.   

Tater Tat Waffle Maker Recipes

We this experiment being a success, we will be making Tater Waffles again. 


  1. Wow looks great and another use for the waffle maker….I have one too I don't use too often!! Yes when you are snowed in you get creative!!!

  2. I've seen it done with frozen hash browns too and have been wanting to try it. With your success with the tots, I think I'll give it a go now!


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