Friday, February 6, 2015

Lower Fat Deviled Eggs

deviled egg recipe that is lower in fat

I recently bought a cookbook filled with snacks that were 100 calories or less. It had a recipe called Heavenly Deviled Eggs that had cottage cheese, and several other ingredients.   I thought it looked interesting, but I knew my kids would not like the pimentos, and dill that were in the cookbook's recipe.  It got me wondering though, what if I added cottage cheese to my usual deviled egg recipe.  I decided to give it a try.   

Normally when I make my deviled eggs, I use Miracle Whip and yellow mustard.  My kids love it, and eat them up quickly.  Today I used a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese, only one teaspoon of Miracle Whip, and a couple of squirts of honey mustard.  

I then filled of the eggs with the egg mixture. It was thicker and less messy than more normal filling.  I sprinkled on a little bit of Paprika, and offered them to my son when he got home from school.   I am guessing he liked them. In just a couple of minutes time, he had eaten almost all of them.  

We will be trying deviled eggs with cottage cheese filling again.  How do you like to make your deviled eggs?  

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