Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Witch Crafts

This week I knew I wanted to make a few more crafts with the Halloween items in my craft stash.    Well one craft lead to another craft, which lead to an idea for my entire porch for Halloween.  

I pulled out black cat, purple ribbon, a shiny purple witch broom (that really reflects sunlight!) and a wreath form. All of these items I had bought at the dollar store awhile back.  I knew they would make a good wreath for the front door, and since they were dollar store items, it would be okay to be out in the elements without worry they would get ruined.  I put the wreath together, and then hung it on the front door.  

I then pulled out a paper mache witch hat that I recently bought at the craft store and painted it black.  I used some of the leftover ribbon from my wreath and strips of tulle to decorate it.  

I thought the witch hat would be a fun way to decorate a pumpkin if we do not end up carving all of them.  

Then it hit me..  With the black cat wreath, and the witch pumpkin hat, I unintentionally had a theme going.  I have many other witch items in my boxes of  Halloween decor such as a large plastic cauldron, a few standing black cats, and a witch broom. I think even have some Wizard of Oz witch legs somewhere. I also have a 2-3 foot standing painted witch that painted many years ago in a tole painting class.  This year for Halloween, I am going to do my entire porch in the witch theme.  I don't like super scary, as I don't like to scare the little ones,so the witches won't be too wicked.  I am pretty excited now as my easy Halloween Witch Crafts have started something much bigger..  Stay tuned..  


  1. Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays but I love seeing all the pretty decorations and creativity. I think a witches hat on a pumpkin is the cutest thing ever saves time from carving. :D

    1. Thanks Jazmine.. I know what you mean. I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I don't like scary and gory, but I have older kids who like a little bit of it. I try to find ways to make it fun for everyone.


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