Sunday, October 26, 2014

Glowing Alien Heads for Halloween

I wanted to make something easy and fun to use on Halloween night.  I realized that when a milk jug is turned upside down, it looks a lot like an alien head.   I had a lot of empty milk jugs that were in recycling bin, so I pulled them out and got to work.  

I painted the circle eyes with a little bit of black craft paint.  It needed 2-3 coats since the milk jugs were plastic.  

I decided to make seven alien heads to guide the way  up the sidewalk to our front door when the trick or treaters come on Halloween night. To keep them in place, I placed them over half of bamboo skewer, and then pushed the open jug a little bit into the ground. 

The other day I picked up a couple packages of glow sticks from the dollar store. Right before it got dark, I placed one of the glowing bracelets (from the 8 pk) into the milk jug.  I waited until it got dark and then went outside to see if it worked. This is how it looked with only one bracelet in the jug. There was a little glow, but it was not very bright.  

I added a second glow stick bracelet, and it is really started to glow. You could definitely see the green color.  I am glad that I tried the glowing heads tonight so I know it will work for real on Halloween night.  I will probably bring in the alien heads so they do not get rained on or blow away before Friday night.  If you do try to make some alien heads of your own, I suggest using 2-3 glow sticks per head. If you use the 8 packs, the entire cost for 8 glowing alien heads is only $2-$3.  While I used green in my alien heads, you could use any color glow sticks. I also picked up some orange, so I might give that one a try.  


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