Monday, May 6, 2013

Totinos Taste Test and Giveaway

We were recently given the chance to try the new flavors of Totinos Pizza Rolls.  Have you seen them in your stores yet? We finally saw them in ours a few weeks ago.  The new Pizzeria flavors are  Chicken Parmesan, Cheesy Garlic and Meatball Marinara. 

I had three willing participants to try them out.   My kids love pizza rolls and they  disappear quickly in our house. 

Before we had the taste test,  I had the kids chose what they thought their favorite flavor would be.  Kyle chose Meatball Marinara, and the girls both picked Cheesy Garlic. 

Here are some of the comments I heard the kids say

Cheesy Garlic 
*tied for one of Kara's favorites 
creamy filling,
very cheesy, 
would taste great with a dipping sauce 

Chicken Parmesan 
*tied for one of Kara's favorites 
I really like it 
I like the taste of the Parmesan 
thumbs up 

Meatball Marinara 
*Kyle's favorite 
*Kristina's favorite 
it's perfect 
I really taste the meatballs! 

If you would like to have  your own taste test with your family, you have a chance to win a Totinos gift pack.  You gift pack will include:  

3 VIP coupons, so you can try each of the three flavors for FREE 
a 4 tile wood bistro tray with salt and pepper set 

You can enter by using the giveaway tools below 

Disclosure: The prize pack, information, and giveaway has been provided by General Mills and Totinos through My Blog Spark 



  1. Honestly I love them all :) But if I have to choose I will pick pepperoni.

    1. I really like pepperoni too. I don't get to eat them often, they disappear very fast in my house. LOL!

  2. I'd pick pepperoni or I'd love to try the Cheesy Garlic! My sons seriously grew up on pizza rolls :-) They were the chicken nuggets of their day!

    1. They were very cheesy! They would be great for dipping in a sauce.

  3. Ooh, the Cheesy Garlic sounds yummy!

    1. My girls really liked that flavor a lot. My son preferred the ones with the meat.

  4. My favorite pizza roll is combination, but I think I'd like the meatball one too.

  5. I am thinking the Chicken Parmesan!!

  6. The Chicken Parmesan sounds yummy! Love those salt shakers. :)


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