Friday, May 24, 2013

Dare to Share #60

Dare to Share is going up just a little bit late tonight since I had a long and busy day.  We are in the final stretch for school. (just 9 more days for regular school, and 21 days of virtual school)  

Last weekend we had to say goodbye to one of our pets, and on Monday said hello to a new one. You can read all about it on the post A Hello and a Goodbye

On Wednesday I had an appointment to go over some test results with my Dr.  My weight has really gone up in recent months, and we now know what is causing it.  With my Dr., I am  Starting My Weight Loss Journey.  Its been two days so far, and it has gone pretty well.  Today I really got some exercise.   It was the day when all the library books were in our school's media center.  I volunteer every Friday and was really needed today with all the books coming back.  I put away two full carts of books in a little over 2 hours. One thing that I like to do to  get even more exercise is to leave the cart by the desk, and then put the books away one armful at a time. I take a lot more steps, and carrying the books gets my heart rate up.  I was feeling good at the time, but tonight I am really  hurting!  My legs and knees are really sore.  While at the store tonight I bought a pedometer so I can keep track of how many steps I take each day..  I am sure today I would have walked way more than 10,000 steps.  I will write a follow up post in about a week with my progress. 

I have a craft and recipe planned for this weekend.  Hopefully you will see them on the post in the next few days!  

This week there were three very different and unique features of the day.  Did you get a chance to see them?  If not, here is a second chance.  

Recycled Envelope Notepad by Make It Easy Crafts
Crepes with Walnut Cream and Caramel Sauce by With a Blast
Lemon Rice Croquettes by The Wilderness Wife

It is now time for this week's party.  You can link up anything that you would like to share. You are not required to be a follower, but I would sure love it if you were.   If you are chosen as a Feature of the Day, your post will be featured on the Blog, FacebookTwitterPinterest, and G+

Have Fun and Link Up! 


  1. Thanks for the party, Pam! And good luck with your weight loss program :-)

  2. Thanks for hosting the party Pam! :-)


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