Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Cedar Point Rocks!

You are probably wondering where I have been for a few days.  I had the opportunity to go to Cedar Point over the weekend with our school choir group for the Music in the Park Festival.  As we were walking up to the front gate we got an awesome view of the new coaster Gate Keeper. Since it was opening day, as you can image the line for that ride was extremely long so we did not even attempt to ride it. (yet!)   

If you don't know anything about Cedar Point, it is an amusement park in northern Ohio, right on Lake Erie.  It has been voted the best amusement park in the world for many years, and has more coasters than anywhere else. You can see all 16 of them here. 

Unfortunately after a week of gorgeous weather, we went on a day when it was gray and COLD. We only saw a little bit of sun much later in the day.  

We had a few nervous riders in our group, so we did not make it on any real big rides this year.  We did go on the Iron Dragon which is a fun suspended coaster.

This was one we did not go on this time.  It is called the Mantis.  On this ride you are standing up while going 60 miles per hour. We definitely want to ride it on another visit.

This is a coaster I have seen many times, but have yet to go on.  It is the Top Thrill Dragster.  The entire ride lasts only 17 seconds. You go from zero to 120 miles per hour in 4 seconds.  You shoot up 420 feet straight  in the air and then come back  down at the same angle.  There is viewing area where you can watch the riders as they are shot out of the gate.  I have to say it is fun to watch smiling faces turn into sheer  terror when the coaster starts.

Kara with a new friend she made in Frontier Town.  I actually bought him early in our day with ulterior motives.  The monkey was reasonably priced at $9.99.  Since she got a gift early in the day, she did not ask to play games or buy more expensive items later in the day. 

He also helped keep her entertained while we were waiting in lines.


This picture cracks me up.  Kara and a couple of her friends were very naughty that day.

Mid afternoon we stopped for a snack at the Dippin Dot cart.  We decided to share the LOL size.  I think it is called LOL because Cedar Point is laughing at how much they can charge for it.  It was the best deal though, you could mix two flavors and it was cheaper than buying two separate small cups.

The Wave Swinger  was one of  their favorite rides.  They seriously rode it 5 times.throughout the day. We did not have the time to ride several of the coasters today, but we did manage to also ride the Gemini (twice), the  Cedar Creek Mine ride, the Cedar Downs Racing Derby, Antique Cars,  and the Iron Dragon in less than 8 hours

During the award ceremony held late in afternoon, we found out that they got first place for their age group and division with a superior rating.  We came home exhausted, but what a fun day.

We can't wait to go back!


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