Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Saw It on Pinterest- Corn on the Cob

I am starting a new series called "I Saw It On Pinterest". How many times have you pinned a great tip, project or recipe, and then never looked at it again. I am going to try out some of the things I am pinning to see if the tips really work,  and the recipes really do taste great 

When I saw this pin on Pinterest from the blog Holm Family Cookbook, I was intrigued.  I love corn on the cob, but hate removing the husks and silk.  It normally takes me a long time to clean off each ear, and then boil them  in a large pot of water.  According to this pin, there is a way to cook the corn in the husk and have it slide right out.  It sounded too good to be true, so I had to try it.  

There is just a little bit of prep work to do first.  Remove the outer most layer of the husk. This step took me only seconds. The hardest part for me was to cut the bottom off the end of the corn above  where it begins to round down.  I didn't have a very big knife, and I wasn't exactly sure where to cut it. 

I placed them in the microwave on a damp paper towel for 8 minutes. Holm Family Cookbook has a great chart with cooking times for the number of ears you want to make.  This picture was taken right after I cooked them. I have no idea what was going on with the husk on the right.  I didn't even notice it until I downloaded my pics.   Cooking them this way  was much easier than boiling in a large pot of water.  

My corn  didn't slide right out, but that could be because I might not have cut high enough on the ear.  You know what though, it didn't matter that it didn't slide out, the husk easily peeled away in one big piece. 

What was left were warm ears of corn that were SILK FREE,. Clean up was a breeze since the husk came off in one piece.   Even though this did not work for me 100%, it definitely worked well enough that I am definitely going to do this again.  

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  1. Mr. B was just telling me that he saw something on Pinterest about removing the husk and silk easily. Well now because you tested it, I know it works! I love this Pam!!


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