Thursday, May 23, 2013

Starting My Weight Loss Journey

I thought I would share something that is going in my life right now.       I know it is something that many others are probably also going through, and maybe we can go on this journey together.   

As many of you may know, I have been having some health problems in the last year.    Because of those health problems and a few other things,  I  have gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time.  This is  kind of new to me, because I was blessed to never have an issue of gaining too much weight before.  When I was kid, I was extremely small.  I was only 4'6" and 68 lbs in the 8th grade.  Kara was that size in 5th grade, and she is not that big herself.   I finally grew in high school to my final height of only 5'1". I was also a healthy weight.  In college I actually lost weight. (that's what happens when you live on the opposite side of campus than  all of your classes, and you don't have much of a food budget. I was burning way more calories than I was taking in)  When I graduated from college, I was only around 90 lbs.  I did gain a little bit after graduation, because I was not walking so much every single day.  After I got married and had my kids, I was at a healthy weight again.  I stayed that way until the last year or so.  

This was me a couple of  years ago picking apples with my family.  I was at a great weight, and I really did not have to worry about what I ate. When I was looking for pictures for this post, I realized that I am not in that many of them since I am always the one behind the camera. When someone else is in the family does take a picture  of me, it is usually blurry or from a goofy angle. I think I need to change that!

This was me 14 months  ago.  I was sharing in a post that I was hoping to slimdown for the summer.  Little did I know that I was already having problems with my thyroid, and just a few months later I was going to be diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis.  (autoimmune thyroid disease)  While I was a little heavier than I wanted to be, I was still on the high end of a healthy weight. 

I can't believe I am showing this, but this is me now.   I currently weigh 152 lbs.  While that might not sound like a lot to some, it is a lot when you are just over 5 feet tall. I gained 20 pounds in one year.  None of my clothes fit. I am tired all the time, and my ankles hurt with the extra weight.  My BMI index according to WebMD is 28.7.  I am in the high range of overweight, and only a little over a point away from being obese. How in the world did that happen?  

Actually I do know how that happened, and there is a real medical reason for the weight gain.  Since I have to see my Dr every few months to check blood levels for my Hashismotos Thyroiditis, she has seen the weight go up.   At my last visit earlier this month, she said she wanted to check things like insulin and hormone levels to see if she could figure out if there was a reason for the weight gain. 

Yesterday I met with her to go over the results.  I had been trying to lose some of the weight without any results, and I now know  there are several things working against me that has made it even that  more difficult. 

Hashimotos Thyroiditis 
My T4 level is high, 
My Cortisol level is high 
and I am in my mid 40s  

Basically all of those things are affecting my metabolism and can cause weight gain.   I am hypothyroid because of the Hashimotos and the T4 levels.  Cortisol is caused by stress, and I have seen more than my fair share the past few years.  Elevated Cortisol  might be the reason for my Hashimotos.  It suppresses thyroid function and lowers immunity.  It often causes weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.  (which is where I am carrying a lot of the extra weight)  My age is also a factor. While we do not believe I am  in perimenopause yet, the body's metabolism naturally slows down  when you are in your 40s. 

So.. I am now working with my Dr. to hopefully get myself back to a healthy weight.  To reach my goal of 120-125, I need to lose 25-30 lbs.   Hopefully I will be sharing that journey on the blog. Maybe now that I know what is going on,  I will be more successful.  Anyone else going on a weight loss journey right now?    


  1. I totally understand, I woke up one morning and I was 30lbs heavier, I really don't have anything to blame except my lifestyle:( I have just lost 22 lbs and am still working hard to get to a healthy weight:)) I shared my first post of several where I am sharing what works for me:))

    Sending hugs
    @ My Turn for us

    1. Thanks Evelyn.. I actually read your post before I saw my Dr yesterday. Hopefully soon I will have some good news to share too.. I will keep reading your posts about your journey.


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