Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Last year I made turkey place cards, so this year I thought I would make something different. I chose to make a Pilgrim and Native American, since they are thought to have been at the first Thanksgiving.

I started both characters  the same way.  I cut out a piece of craft foam  that was shaped similar to a basketball jersey.

The trickiest part is probably the arms.  I cut them out in a V shape so they can hold the name card.  I made a pattern with a piece of cardstock to be sure I had them the correct size.

I added the white collar to the Pilgrim, and beads to the Native American's tunic.

I glued on a circle head to both.

The bottom of a  large paint bottle was the perfect size. Since I did not find a lighter flesh color in the craft foam, I added a lighter color using cardstock glued to the craft foam.

I added some eyes, hair and a  hat/feather head piece  Then drew on the faces using a Sharpie marker.

Once I got everything in its place, I added the name cards. These would a cute addition to the Thanksgiving table. Once the pieces are cut out, they are very quick to make. 

I will be linking my Thanksgiving place cards up on these wonderful linky parties HERE.

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  1. How fun these would be for the kids! Great job, they are darling!!


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