Friday, November 30, 2012

Dare to Share #36

What a week.  Who knew that a sick child and a major holiday would throw you off for an entire week.  This week I could never quite get back into my routine.  My daughter was sick for several days and missed 3 days of school.  We thought it might be strep, but it turned out to be a pretty bad respiratory virus.  This week was also our first full week of school since Halloween (day of for teachers grading day, conferences etc..)  We were all a bit more tired not having any days off.  I am also feeling  little under the weather again. I am hopeful it is from before and not another new virus.   I got my trees up, but they do not have ornaments on them yet.  You can see why in the picture.  This is Tootise my tree climber. She is the smallest and most agile of my cats.  I was hopeful they  wouldn't climb this year.. Reeses tried it this morning and I found my front window tree had fallen into the corner.  Let's hope she learned her lesson. I did tape it down really good so many it wont fall over again.  

Buddy the elf has arrived back in our house and he is a bit of a daredevil this year.  You can read all about what he has been up to this week here.

I have had time to do some crafting including this Santa Wreath made from dollar store supplies.  I will be sharing what else I made very soon.

I have started to feature Christmas ideas as we Countdown to the Holidays.  Have you had a chance to see them?  

Paper and Wool Balls from Wesen's-Art
Advent Calendar Turned Into Jewelry from Mellywood's Mansion
and Two Scarf Patterns for those homemade scarves from Earning My Cape.

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  1. Thanks again for the feature, I love your Santa wreath!

  2. Thank you for hosting:) Hope your weekend is filled with lotsa laughter!

  3. Hi Pam
    I do hope your kid and you are feeling much better now.
    I don't have kids yet but I can only imagine....
    Thanks for another party :)

  4. Thanks for hosting! Subscriber of your RSS feeds now. :)

  5. Thank you soooo much for featuring my scarves! And for hosting!!! Have an awesome weekend! <3


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