Friday, August 3, 2012

Dare to Share #19

Summer is flying by!  School will be starting for us in exactly 1 month.   I will miss the sleeping in and lazy days without homework.  We are going to try and pack in as much fun in these last final weeks that we can.

This week we have watched the Olympics pretty much every single day.  We saw the Fab Five win their team gold and then Gabby win her all around gold.  We also loved watching Michael Phelps win several more medals.   We are going to have a Homemade Olympics with a few friends so we made our own Olympic medals.  

We also had a ton of fun with our water blob experiment, and we will definitely be making one again!  The weather is still in the 80s and 90s, so we want to spend more time playing in the water.

I also just have to share this adorable picture of Silver.  It is sometimes hard to take his picture because he likes to curl up into a ball.

In not so crafty news, we are saying goodbye to an old friend today.   On Tuesday we had a repairman come to fix our washing machine and to check the dishwasher.  The washing machine need a new lid switch and was cheaper to fix than to  replace.  Our dishwasher, not so much.  The motor is on the verge of going out. It has washed A LOT of dishes in it's 9 years.  A new motor was going to cost over $300, so we decided to upgrade to a newer version that was on sale.  It is same brand and very similar, but should be a little more eco friendly. The new one arrives in the morning.

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