Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cooking with Kyle-Shredded Pork Tacos/Burritos

I was very excited when Kyle told  me he wanted to do another segment of Cooking with Kyle.  This summer he has been rather sporadic on when he was willing to cook.  I decided not to force him, because I wanted him to enjoy cooking.  I gave him the sales ads and a notebook, and told him to go through them to figure out his recipe. He brought them back to me a few minutes later,  and said he decided on pork tacos and cheese fries.  I told him I was not sure how the two recipes would go to together, but we would figure something out. I was also very excited about how much he wrote on his list. As you know he has Aspergers. What you may not know, he HATES to write. It is like pulling teeth to get him to do his homework, so writing a list because he wanted to is pretty cool!

I made him go shopping with me, which he was not thrilled to do.  He kept asking why he needed to go  when he gave me a list. I told him that real chefs like to choose their own ingredients. Once we were at the store, he actually seemed to enjoy it.  He  read a few labels,  and I had him figure out a few shopping  math problems.

Since it was getting late ( I will explain why  in my next post), he decided on just making the pork taco/burritos tonight.   The ingredients his chose are Curly's seasoned pork without sauce, a can of Taco Bell refried beans,  Kraft taco cheese, Chi Chis tortillas,Taco Bell hard taco shells, lettuce and tomatoes.  He also added in a few hot papers from our garden.

While the pork was heating up in the microwave, he started cutting the lettuce. I gave him a choice on a whole head of lettuce for .77 or a bag of shredded lettuce on sale for .99.. He chose to cut the head of lettuce.. I have taught him well.  LOL!!

I didnt realize this picture was blurry, or I would have taken another one.  He then cut  the biggest tomato into small chunks.

 He mixed the refried beans and the shredded pork  together in a small  bowl.

 He added the meat mixture, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes to the tortillas and rolled them up.  

For his OWN  tortilla, he added the cut peppers and hot sauce.. Umm.. can you say HOT!!..

                             He likes things very spicy..

A few of his masterpieces. 

Again he made a very tasty recipe.  He gives a big thumbs up as he chows down!  


  1. It's great that you are teaching your son skills like this. My cousin had an interest in cooking, and she is now a pastry chef in her 20s.

  2. so glad to have Kyle back - thanks for linking up!

  3. Thanks Kelli! He kind of took a break from cooking over the summer too. I didn't want to make him do it, or he wouldnt enjoy it. I was thrilled last week when he told me he wanted to cook dinner.


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