Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 5

We originally thought we would go bowling with our passes from  When I looked up our local bowling alley to find out the free bowling hours, I found out that free bowling was only from  10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Considering it w as already almost 1:30 p.m. and no one was ready, we decided to put it off until another day.  We live in Michigan, and we are lucky enough to have several u-pick farms with all sorts ofberries and fruits to be within driving distance.   It is currently blueberry season in Michigan.  Since we had a very hot summer, I was worried that the berries might have matured earlier than normal.   We found out that even though it is the end of the season because of the weather, there were still many berries to be pick.  My older two decided they didn't want to go, but Kara really wanted to.     We made our plans, and got ready....

the weather had other ideas..  As we went out to the car, this is what we saw heading our way..  Sigh...   It looked a bit lighter in the direction where were headed, so we decided to try to go anyway..

As we approached our exit, it started to rain.  We went to plan B.  A few miles away was an outlet mall.  Kara has grown 4 inches in recent months, and really needs some new capris and pants to wear to school during the still warm months.      We stopped at Children's Place and Old Navy, and got some fabulous deals.. (will be in another post)  When we were done shopping, the sky had cleared up.

Armed with our umbrellas and buckets it was off the blueberry field.

I tried to take some one arm photos of the two of us.  This is the best picture, and one of the few where one of our heads were not cut off. We would have asked someone in the field to take it, but we were the only ones there.  Seems not many people want to pick blueberries on a cool, rainy day.

Things  started off well, and we began to pick our berries.

After a little while, I look over and see this..

Kara decided she was too cold, and stopped picking  berries.  I can understand why she was feeling chilled.   It has been in the 90s for weeks and then all of a sudden today it was a high of 68.  Then with the misty rain, it felt even cooler.

We took our berries up to pay area to see how much we picked.   It was only 2.5 pounds, since she decided to quit on me and complain that she was cold.  But at only $1.20 a pound, I only had to pay $3 for a decent size berry  bounty.

   One of her favorite parts of the day was playing with the farm's resident  boxer that was greeting  the visitors. He really seemed to take a liking to Kara, as  she did  to him.  There was another little dog running about, but he was a bit more skittish.

Look from some blueberry recipes that I will be posting this weekend!

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