Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 3

Today was  busy. It was not a lazy summer day, but a day full of errands.   But even with running here, there, and everywhere, we still  slipped in some fun.

First..  my oldest had a Drs appointment.  We found out recently that she is having thyroid issues and she was referred to an endocrinologist.  We saw the Dr  today, and we will find out in a few days if my daughter  has thyroid disease.  Since both my mom and my daughter have issues with their thyroid, there is a good chance I do to.  I have an appointment to have mine checked in early September.  Do you remember back in the spring when I posted about my Countdown to Summer Slimdown and then I  kind of stopped posting about it?  Well part of the reason I didn't post an update is every time I would lose a couple of  pounds, it would immediately come right back.  I am pretty much exactly where I started 5 months ago.  Finding out about a possible thyroid issue now makes a lot of sense on why I was not successful.   I will find out more about that in a few weeks.

After the Drs appointment, then the running started..

-a trip to the Post Office
-a trip to  Walmart to pick up my contacts
-a trip to the dance studio to pick up our recital DVD
-a trip  to Meijers to recycle 151 cans and bottles
-a trip to the gas station to get some gas
-a trip to Fantastic Sam's so my daughter could get a sassy new hair cut.

then our favorite errand of all, that was the day's SUMMER FUN

a trip to our favorite sushi restaurant  (this was taken before her haircut)

salad with ginger dressing and miso soup

steamed gyoza dipped in soy sauce.. yum!

our favorite sushi rolls..  the snowman, the MSU and a California Roll

Her hair was still wet, and the wind had blown it around a bit  before we got to the car.  You cant really see the full cut in the picture, and she wasn't really into having a photo shoot.. Teenagers!! Hopefully she will let me take another picture a little later!

Did you do anything fun today?

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