Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 8

Since yesterday was such a big summer fun day, we kind of took it easy today.  It was also partially because the kids chose to be vampires and stay up all night and sleep all day.   After a full day at the zoo yesterday, and staying up super late watching the Olympics closing ceremony ( 1 1/2 times) the kids wanted to sleep in, and sleep in some more.  It was literally afternoon before any of them woke up.  Oh well, that is not much more time they will get to do that with school starting in a few weeks.

Our fun for the day, was to make a special type of brownie treat.  First we made a batch of brownies.  They looked nice enough but needed something more.

We added some cherry pie filling and another brownie...

The last touch, a huge pile of Redi-Whip!

I guess she likes it!   Kara said it was a chocolate and cherry explosion in her mouth, and wants me to make this again.

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