Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When the Lights Go Out

Last week with the super high temps and nasty storms, many people lost their power.  During that time, we never had a problem.  Today when it was only in the low 80s and not a cloud in sight, we lost ours.  Sometimes when the power goes out we hear a large pop, like when a transformer blows.  Today, there was not a sound.  One minute we had power,  and the next we didn't. I found out that the entire neighborhood was out.   I called my husband at work, and told him what had happened.  He contacted the power company, and found out that we could possibly be without power  until the next day.   It went out about 4:30 p.m., so we knew we would need to do  something about  dinner.  We decided to go to a local Coney Island, because there was something for everyone in the family.  Kara chose pancakes from the kids menu.  She loved her Mickey head pancakes.  I loved the price.  

I chose a Greek pasta salad. Yum!    The entire family loved their dinner, and said they want to eat there again.

We went home after dinner, not knowing what to expect.  We pushed the garage door opener, just to see if we had power..  We all cheered when it started to go up! YES!  I was not looking forward to a night in the dark.  I was not looking forward to not having water. (we have a well) I was not looking forward to not having internet for the laptop. I did have it on my phone, but it is too small to do a lot of typing on it.

Now I am watching Craft Wars, and being thankful for having light and electricity again. I am also so thankful that power came on when it did. It was under 4 hours, so we did not lose any food. Woohoo!  

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