Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Fix a Screen

A few months ago, I mentioned that I hoped to do a series called Spring Time Spruce Up.  Well, that didn't happen, because there just wasn't as much time to get things done as I had hoped.  One of those projects on the list was to fix the screen to our sliding glass door.

When our cats were kittens, they did quite a number on our screen.  Our older male cat Milo really wanted to go outside one day. Since the screen was already weakened, Milo was able to push it open on the bottom with his head.  Ever since then we said we needed to have it fixed.

As you can see, our screen door has definitely seen better days!!  While at Home Depot the other day, I found a screen repair kit for only $8.99.  The great thing about this is that is also included the rubber spline and rolling tool.  Bought separately, it would have cost about $17.

Step 1.. Remove the old rubber spline. I had to use pliers to get it started, but it was very easy to remove once it a few inches were out.

The screen is totally out..  Already it is looking better. :)

We moved the screen to the deck floor at this point.  You want the frame on a flat surface when inserting the new screen material.  

I taped the screen frame with masking tape to the deck to keep it from sliding.  I also taped down the screen material on two sides at my starting point.  

Picture 1
Picture 2 

Using the rolling tool in picture 2  that came with the kit, I inserted the new spline that was also in the  kit in picture 1. 

Once I inserted the spline on the first two sides, I made sure to pull the screen tight as I could on the second 2 sides when inserting the spline on those sides. Once the spline was all the way in,  I then trimmed the extra screen material.  The trimming currently  does not look as pretty as I would like since I used too big of scissors.  I will touch it up more with smaller, finer scissors at a later time.  

We  then rehung the finished screen.. It looks so much better!   I love that it cost only $8 to fix.  Had I realized how easy it was, I would have done it  A LONG TIME AGO.  

One project done, only about 30 more to go! 


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  2. thank you for sharing we no longer have our windows open to enjoy the air outside but hopefully soon and this will be needed then

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  3. Looks great! I have about 8 window screens that need this done, wanna come over and help? HA! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  4. Thanks for the tutorial. We're going to have to replace our screen sooner or later. In our case, it's our toddlers pushing on it constantly. Will have to bookmark this for the future. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for this. It looks like maybe even I could do this!

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  6. Wow.. you are like a crafty McGyver! Great job on saving some money! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!
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  7. Great tutorial!
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