Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun at the Fair

This week is our county fair.   We spent two days at the fair enjoying all that it has to offer.    

We always  try to go on the first day of the fair, because admission is free until 4 p.m.   The midway opens later in the day, so it is the perfect day to see all the exhibits and animals .   Kara loved the horse barn, and was thrilled when she told by the owner that she could pet her horse.

Feeding the animals at Barnyard Express

This little guy really wanted to see Kara.

You can't see the bottle, but she was feeding one of the baby animals some milk.

An elephant ear, the was about the size of a real baby elephant ear. It was HUGE, and took 3 of us to eat it.

Yesterday, on our trip back  she got to feed even more animals! Here she is feeding a week old piglet.

Sweet baby calf

Yesterday's visit  was not all about the animals though.  She spent hours riding all the midway rides with a friend. While the arm band was a bit pricey at $20, she got her moneys worth.  They rode all of the rides numerous times.   She is way up in the sky on this ride.

What an attitude!!

Do you see anything unusual about this picture?  There is something really cool if you can find it..

Look what I caught in midair on camera!  This was at the lumberjack show, and they were showing one of their professional  competitions which is ax throwing.  I was glad to be a very safe distance way during this part of the show.

A few more of the rides  

Kara's favorite part of the fair!  If you gave this monkey  a coin, he would tip his hat to say thank you.  Kara came back so many times during the two days she was at the fair, the owner gave her a special treat.  She allowed Kara to hold the monkey.  Kara  was so happy.  She told me she was "scarred by his cuteness, but in a good way".  I am not sure what that means, but it sounds cute.

What a great time at the fair!

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