Friday, July 27, 2012

Survive in the Woods Trail Mix

As I am sitting here eating some of the leftover trail mix from our Woodland party, I realized that I did not yet post what I mixed in it.

Everything in our "Survive in the Woods" trail mix has a meaning behind it.

Chocolate mint marshmallows: stones
Pretzel sticks: sticks
Gummy Bears: Bears who live in the woods
 Cherry Craisins: berries found in the woods
Peanuts: while not found in the woods, reminds me of nature food you would eat in the woods
M & Ms: okay, maybe not everything has a special woods meaning. The M & Ms  were added because everyone loves them, and they taste great in trail mix.

What we ended up with was the perfect mix of sweet and salty, and sugary and healthy, which to me is the perfect snack.  Hopefully no one who eats this will ever be stranded in the woods!

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