Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Not a Party Until Someone Throws Up!

We celebrated our holiday at a friends house who lives on a lake.  Unfortunately it is still extremely HOT!  Today it reached 100 degrees around 5 p.m.  UGH!!!  We had a little bit of a breeze by the lake, but we were still melting.

We did spend some time on the 5 person float.  That was fun, and helped us cool off.

The kids had fun with sparklers.  I liked the ones we used today.  They were smaller and and sprayed less than the sparklers from when I was a kid.  

A little after the sparklers and playing in the lake again,  the kids made Smores.  That is when the trouble began..... 

Kyle has a 13 yr old appetite.  Basically that means he eats often, and a lot.   Before dinner he had several handfuls of chips and dip.  For dinner he ate 2 hot dogs, a turkey burger, and a large helping of potato salad.  After dinner he had 3 Smores with 2 marshmallows in each. In addition to all the food, he chugged 3 bottles of water in a short amount of time.  He chose not to cool off in the lake, and for a little while claimed he was feeling clammy and sweaty.   Right about the time people on the lake started shooting fireworks, my friend came to tell me that Kyle was in the bathroom, and it wasn't good.  I guess eating all that food and water in the extreme heat was too much for him to take.  After his trip to the bathroom, he was actually feeling just fine again, and was able to watch the fireworks.  I wouldn't be surprise if he tells me he is hungry before he goes to bed.   

Even with the Kyle's eventful evening, it was still a very nice day.  I hope you had a happy 4th! 

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