Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our New Baby has Arrived!!

You might be thinking, "I didnt know she was expecting."  Well, you would be right, I wasn't.   Kara is the expectant mother.  Here is she is excitedly waiting for her birthday present.

She has been begging for a hedgehog for over a year.  We finally felt she was ready.  He was born in mid May, and was old enough to come home just in time for her birthday.   Here she is seeing him for the first time in person.

Holding him for the first time.

Here is a cute view of his face.  My pictures are so dark because we were worried that the flash might scare him.

She is already being a good mama by making sure he was secure on the ride home.

Another good view of his face.  

Here is a video of him trying this wheel for the first time. He took right to it.  There is an annoying clicking noise from the camera I was using for the video, so you might want to turn your volume down.

Kara says this was her best birthday present EVER!

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