Monday, May 21, 2012

Crafting with Kara- Blankets for Cancer

I know its been awhile since Kara has done a new installment of Crafting with Kara.  She has had a rough month.  

She has had an injured foor for the last month, and also had a bout of strep throat.  She is still in the boot for just a little while longer, but doesnt really need the crutches anymore.  

Today at Girl Scouts we worked on blankets for the U of M chemotherapy center.  We both felt that this was a great craft to feature.  They are simple to make, but yet do so much good.   When patients come in for treatment they are given a small fleece blanket.  Not only for warmth if it is needed, but for comfort.  These blankets are super soft and comforting to hold.    

We started with a piece of fleece that was 60 inches long and 22-24 inches wide.  We measured 5 inches from the end with the yardstick to mark how long to make the strips.  Using a rotary cutter very carefully cut 1" strips.   

She found a quiet corner and started to do the knotting.  Every two strips were knotted together on both ends of the fabric. 

She is holding up her completed fringed blanket.  

They had a special way to roll up the blankets for delivery.  

Whether you make blankets for charity, or to keep for your own.  This is a fun and easy craft for kids.  

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  1. Beautiful what Kara is doing, she is more crafty than I am. Lovely Blanket.


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