Monday, May 7, 2012

Boy Party Ideas, part 2

Year 4  Space Party 

A few days I ago I shared boys ideas  part 1, which were the party themes  Kyle had up to age 3. As he got a little older, so did his themes. At age 4, he really liked space.  One reason why we chose this theme is we were moving a few months after his party, and he was going to have a new space themed room. 

The boys thought it was fun posing with an alien.    

We played pin the spaceship on the moon made from felt 
We also  made a spaceship craft using a styrofoam cup and photos of each of the kids. (can't find a pic or directions)

They had a blast playing Buzz Lightyear tag. We attached red streamers to their arms so would feel like they were soaring through the air.  

I had to look closely to figure out what these were.  LOL! They are alien popcorn balls. Lifesavers make up the eyes and a sucker was the antenna.  

The directions for the cake could be found on
Year 5 Dinosaur Party

When he turned  5 and was finishing up preschool, he loved dinosaurs.  

I cut out and painted the dinosaurs from old moving boxes. There were a huge hit! (pun intended) All of the guests got to pose with one of the dinosaurs.  

Sometimes we have great weather for his parties, other times not so much.  This year it was very cold and rainy, so he had to have his dino dig in the garage. I buried dinosaur skeletons  in the sand an each of the boys got to look for a a dino to take home.  

Here everyone is making their own cave drawing and signing their names.  This is one way I keep a momento of who was there.  

If you notice in the pictures, each child is wearing their favorite dino head.  I made one of 4 kinds out of craft foam.   

I drew polka dots on blue Easter eggs.  One of the guests was so excited about the finding baby dinosaur eggs. 

We made cardboard binoculars to look for those dinos! 

I think this was found on Family Fun too. I made a dino scene out of vegetables.  

I had some trouble getting the lava to thicken.  The boys did not care though, that loved it the erupting volcano cake.  

Year 6 Magic Party 

When he was 6, he loved to do magic tricks.  We hit the jackpot that year.  Target Dollar Spot had magic hats and capes on clearance 75% right before his party.  

I used one of our stuffed animals to make a really cute magic themed centerpiece 

Kyle put on a magic show for his friends 

We bought a balloon animal kit and all of the boys learned how to make a balloon dog.  This picture was taken after many of them had taken apart their balloon dogs. 

I just thought this picture of Kara was cute! 

He loved his bunny cake.  I found a very similar recipe on

I will be linking up at these fabulous parties here. Be sure to check them out! 


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