Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Changes on Facebook Pages

Have you noticed that you are not seeing all of your favorite Facebook pages in your feed anymore?  There is a reason for that, that you might not be aware of.

Facebook is now limiting the amount of pages you see even though you liked them.  If you do not occasionally click on like post or comment, there is a good chance you  are not going to  see that page.    They also added a new feature, where you now have to click on "Show in News Feed", which can be found when  you hover over the liked button.  
If you have a lot of Facebook followers, you have an option to pay Facebook to show to reach all the people who liked your page.  I know this is not going over very well with many bloggers, especially those who have a large fan base.  While I understand why Facebook  feels they need do that, there will be many bloggers who are not taking that option.  As much as I love m followers, I do not have the money to be paying for something like that.  Most of what I post on Facebook, I also post on the blog anyway.


So if you have pages that you want to be sure to keep  in your feed, make sure to click on the show in news feed on their pages.  Please also be sure to do so on mine here!

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