Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am Superwoman

Okay, I am not really, but I am a bit amused and frustrated that my family seems to think I can do anything.

In addition to my everyday duties of mom taxi, home school teacher, homework enforcer, school volunteer, laundry cleaner, home picker upper and  meal maker (though not so often, lately LOL!),  I am now also a last minute costume designer.  

Yesterday, Kara gave me this drawing ..  She has her end of the year choir concert on Monday.  She is going to be a red bird.  She mentioned a month ago that she would have to plan her costume with her best friend, who is also a red bird.  She never mentioned it again until last night at 8:30 p.m, when she said that I had to make two red bird costumes by Monday.  WHAT??   In her defense, she knows I CAN make red bird costumes because I majored in fashion design and I make most of their Halloween costumes, but those are also planned weeks in advance.  They are also made when I do not already have an insanely busy schedule. I am flattered she thinks I can do anything, but there is just no way I have the time to make her design.   I told her that I really loved her drawing, but that I was NOT going to make two bird costumes from scratch by Monday.  I told her that we would find some red clothes (hopefully something already in her closet) and add some feathers to it.  I also talked to the choir director and found out that Kara's plan  is going way above and beyond what she needs to do.    She is doing a small solo dance (in her boot) in the show, so  she really wants to stand out..  We went to JoAnn's after Physical Therapy today to see what she could find. .

We found the red T-shirts on sale at Walmart for only $2.50.   I bought shiny tulle, feathers, mini boas, sheer ribbon, thread and red glitter glue from JoAnns.  Her choir teacher also has red boas for the kids to wear.
Somehow these items will be come part of her  costume. Since her best friend doesn't own anything red, and she promised I would make something, I will make some cute accessories for her too.  Kara  does have a beautiful red dress she could wear,  but it is not something that I want to be embellished.     Stayed tuned to see how this turns out..  I will be helping most of the day during the rehearsal, and taking Kara to a private dance class she set up when her dad took her to dance.  She is really excited about her solo dance, which will be interesting in her boot.  

Also on the agenda in the next few days.. We need to work  on setting up the garage for the sub wide  garage  sale.  I really wish it was NOT next weekend. I could use a lot more time.  The last few days of school are busy enough, without adding more stress.   The reason why I am going to do it is because we do get a lot of great traffic, and the neighborhood association doesn't really want us to do sales at other times of the year.  I have a ton of things I could sell, just not sure if I will have them ready to sell in time.  I have already decided I will just do what I can. and hopefully make a little bit of money.  When my mom comes this summer for a visit, she can help me prepare items for next years sale.

Also  sometime in the next week, I  need to find time to put together gifts for 2 teachers, a parapro and a bus driver.   Kyle also has a special ed teacher who is a man, so I am not sure what I will do for him yet.

We also have only 13 more days of the online semester for the program my high school student is in.   While she will have no problems finishing 2 of the classes early,  she still has a lot of work to catch up in on the other 2. Somehow in the next 13 days I need to make sure she finishes 3 big projects, a term paper and takes 5 exams and some other misc. assignements.   She does go to our public high school part time, which  has a crazy schedule in the next week for exams.  Hopefully we will be where we need to be at the right times.

Well this Superwoman wishes she could hang out and rest, but  I have to go be the homework enforcer.  Hopefully they don't have too much tonight.

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