Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well Intended Plans

Today I had  what I felt was a pretty easy schedule to follow that would allow me to get my errands done and still  have time on the blog.   That is not exactly what happened.   My well intended plans went by the wayside.  

My intended schedule.

Met for Affirm 9:30-11:00
Go to two grocery stores 11:00-1:00
Put away groceries and eat lunch 1:00-2:00
After 2:00   free time on the computer

That is not exactly what happened.

My oldest daughter goes with me to Affirm until it is is time for her to go to school.   This morning she was on her own  teenager time, not actual time.   We got to affirm at 9:50. This meeting was bring a project to work on week.  My project was to put together my coupons so I would be ready to go straight to Meijer when we were done.   Between being late, and then running my daughter to her school,  I did not have enough time to get  all of my coupons ready.  

After Affirm I stopped at home to pick up my All You and an extra Jacks Pizza coupon.  I sat down to finish my organizing my coupons for the store.  I was already an hour behind schedule. I left for the first  store at noon, not 11.

 I made good time getting my groceries considering it was Meijers. The store is really big and at times reallhy crowded.  I really like their prices, MPerks and store coupons, so I deal with the people.   When I have a long list it is rare to get out of the store in less than 90 minutes.   Today I was done around 1:15. All of the check out lines are busy and I leave the store around 1:30    Because of our extremely high temperature of 90 today, I made the decision NOT to go to Kroger for the rest of my list with then Meijer food in the car.  By the time I unloaded, scanned (I am a home scanner) and put away the food from Meijer, it was already after 2.  I had about 25 minutes to check facebook, email and eat my lunch before going to pick up the first round of kids.   I went to pick up two of my kids, one of which was about 10 minutes late to come out to the car.

I sit back down at the computer for a litle bit when we got back home. I was then  sidetracked by the Dance Moms Miami video online.  It seems they competed against our dance studio in the latest episode, and I wanted to see if I could see our girls from our studio.   While scanning and fast forwarding through the episode,  the phone rings..  It's Kara's school.  It seems she had missed the bus.  I drive across town to pick her up.  Traffic is horrible, because her school is right next to another school that got out at the very time I was there.   I guess she had an assembly at the end of the day that ran long.  Due to being on crutches, she had a hard time getting back to her locker, grab her stuff and make it out to her bus. She made it outside just as the bus was pulling away.   She had a bad day, and cried all the way home.

After getting her home 30 minutes later than she would have been had she made the bus,  I go to the 2nd store.  Kroger is having an excellent sale on fruits and vegetables this week.  Since our Food Lovers program encourages a lot of fruits and veggies,  I wanted to get as much as I could at the best price.  It seems like everyone was in the store tonight.  Every single register was opened with 3-4 people in each one.   When I am leaving the parking lot, I remember that I need to pick up crickets for Kyles lizards.  (at least I remembered before I drove all the way home)

By the time I unload, scan and put away these groceries,  it is already after 6 p.m.. It is now  time to make dinner.  We eat dinner, and I finally sit down at the computer to actually do some blogging around 8 p.m.   Just in time for a bad thunderstorm to roll in.  It is now 9:15 and the kids need to  take showers.  The storm is still too strong at this point.  

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  Kara is having her foot checked by an Orthopedist.  She is happy that she gets to miss a half day of school.  I am just happy it will be Friday.  


  1. LOL...the sound exactly like one of my day...or most of my days!

    1. Most of my days are like this, I just don't always post about them. LOL! Having kids definitely affects your schedule. As long as I got most of what I need to do done, then its all good.


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