Monday, May 21, 2012

Party Prepping

Earlier this month, I mentioned that we have a theme for Kara's upcoming birthday party.  She is getting a hedgehog for her birthday, (which should be born today or tomorrow), and she wanted to incorporate her love for animals, so we are going with a woodland animal theme.

I have been finding inspiration in Target of all places.  We would love to make a cardboard tree.

We also might use some of these ideas from the garden aisle.

I have been quietly picking up supplies that I have been finding on clearance and at the Dollar Store. Some are just too good not to share.  Can you believe I found ceramic pots at the Dollar Store?!!  They are gorgeous and a great size.  I will be using them even if I don't use them for the party.

Other Dollar Store finds..

Hanging basket moss forms
red bowls..will use to serve food or for decorations of some sort
mini ceramic pots
green shot glasses
glass stones.. the colors reminded me of a river
metal animals
green clothes line

The green plastic planters were actually on sale at Target. I put them in this picture by mistake.  They were only $2 each.  I plan on using all of the planters again, so I will get double duty out of them.

Dollar Spot finds for 70% off.. Woohoo..  7- 2 pack rubber necklaces (making them 15 cents each for the goody bags)    2 green plastic boxes,    8 chalk board garden signs, and 5 frames.. All for .30 each!   The frames might b painted and used on the dessert table.

I also found these cute frog and ladybug knee pads. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but at .30 each, I could not wait until I decided.   In the plastic bag were cute summer cupcake picks also only .30.

One possible decoration made with a green plastic planter, moss basket and metal butterfly.

By watching for supplies at Target and the Dollar Store, this party will hopefully stay on budget!

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