Monday, January 2, 2012

Who Says Coupons Dont Matter?

I just figured out my final totals for 2011, and it was a pretty good year for coupons.   While my overall savings took a big hit in August when of my local grocery stores stopped doubling to a dollar, I did manage to save almost 30% on my overall grocery total for the year. 

My total grocery coupon savings      $1, 733.09
My total all other coupon savings     $1, 604.66  (Target, resturaunts, Kohls, craft stores etc..)

Total coupon savings for the year     $3, 337.75 

Without coupons I would have spent $6,029.04 on groceries, instead I spent $4,295.95 and saved 29%

Not to bad for a part time job!


  1. I have to say that is very impressive that you keep such good records of your savings. I'm sure it feels great to know how much you saved over the year.


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