Monday, January 9, 2012

Football Cake Pops

I first  saw this recipe  around this time last year.  I think it is a great time to post about with the playoffs underway and the Super Bowl just a few weeks away.   Did you favorite team survive the weekend?   Mine didnt. =(  I grew up in Ohio, so I am a Bengals fan.  I currently live in Michigan and I would have like to have seen the Lions win especially after their big comeback this year.   Since both of them are out, I'm  not sure who I will root for.  Maybe the Broncos since I love Tim Tebow's story.   Whatever team you rooting for,  these football cake pops would be the hit of your gameday get togethers.    You can see how to make them at

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  1. These are cute!!! I've been looking for some football things to make, these would be perfect.



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