Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Scrap Box

Transfer foil $1-$2 each

This morning I went on a "field trip" with 3 friends from a womans's church group that I belong to.  When I first heard about The Scrap Box,  I thought it was a scrapbooking store.  Once I was told it was actually a surplus craft and recycled item store, I wanted to know more.  Since I am always on the look out for ideas and discount supplies, I knew I had to go.  

The back room is the bulk room.  In this room you can find items like farbric rolls and pieces , sticky foam, CDs  and a lot more.   There are different size bags that you can fill with anything in this room for a set price.  The small bags (which are actually a good size) are $4 and it goes up to large bags which are $6.50.   Items such the upholstery and wallpaper books are prices separately but are still a great low price of only $1-$3 each.  

A few of the pictures I took in the back room for some reason didnt take, but I did get some good pictures of the front room.   You could buy foam by the foot, rolls of paper, and more misc items at set price.  The set price was still at an amazing discount of what you could find at a regular craft store. 

If your bring kids with you to The Scrap Box, there is a crafting area where they can make all kinds of creations. 

So are you wondering what I ended up buying at The Scrap Box? 

A large roll of vinyl to reupholster my kitchen chairs (there is a large hole in my sons chair) for only $3.75 

A roll of white paper that I am going to use for a party idea for only $3.25

Two upholstery books for $1 each.  I plan on letting Kara use these for stuffed animals blankets and misc. craft projects.

I got these two organizing racks for only .50 each.  

Cardboard circle trays that I plan on using for parties only .10  each (small) and .25 each  (big)

Small rolls of vinyl that I can use in my Cricut only .50 each

Misc. Valentine and Christma items .05-$1 each.    Chipboard was .05, the hearts .10, the lace .25 and the pearls $1. 

A chipboard DREAM banner for only $1  (this would easily be $10 at the scrapbook store)

I picked the smaller size $4 bag as my fill bag.  It actually could hold quite a bit of stuff. 

All of these items were in that bag.   49 fabric samples (I wasnt counting or I would have picked up 1 more.. LOL), a bag of mini sticky foam dots,  30 white foam circles (to used for a party), several cardboard tubes (have an idea for these as well),  a plastic tube (possible storage idea), several handfuls of cardboard beads and 9 fabric samples.    Not pictured 3 large storage pails for $1 each. 

I spent only $25 on an entire cartload of items that will make several projects.   I look forward to going back again to see what I can find.  

If you live in the southeast Michigan area, The Scrap Box is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  To see more information, check out their website  here.

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