Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Organization Project

I am not the most organized person.  I did not get the organization gene, and even as a child my things were everywhere.  Last year and every year I can remember, I have set a resolution to get more organized.  Last year I started an organization project on my blog. While I started out strong, I only made it to project #6 before I lost steam.    I just saw a organization plan that even I might be able to accomplish.   A 52 week plan, where you tackle only one project a week.  I think I can handle that even with my hectic schedule.  The projects do not need to be big and overwhelming, but can be broken down in to small increments throughout the week.   I even my first organization project ready to go.  

If I am able to complete this project, it will actually help two resolutions.   I will be able to save more money by not missing deals, because I could not find the coupon.  It will cut my shopping prep time but not having to search through piles of unfiled coupons.   I know how rewarding couponing can be  by how much I saved last year, (you can see how much here), so I need to make my coupon binder a higher priority.     I will try and be accountable by posting my progress good and bad.   If you would like to try and get more organized too, how about trying the 52 week plan with me.  

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