Sunday, January 29, 2012

Movie Themed Slumber Party

I had a request for some ideas for a hollywood themed slumber party.  My oldest daughter had one several years ago when she was 9, so I had to do some digging for the old photos.  This party was before I knew I would have a party planning blog in the future, so I didn't have very many photos.   I still remember the party pretty well though.      I bought some red felt at the fabric store and made a red carpet the length of the living room. 

Each of the girls were given a boa, star shaped glasses and a  bead necklace. They  took turns walking down the red carpet, and posed for the photographers.    While we did make up,  nails, and hair  later in the party, this is easily something that could be done before walking the carpet.    This picture cracks me up, Kara was only 4 here, and already knew how to pose like a star.. LOL!   If you can find autograph books from the dollar store, give one to each child and they can take turns giving out autographs.

I used black, gold and silver as the main color scheme of the party, and found many hollywood themed items at my local party store.  Another fun touch would be to make movie posters from pictures of the birthday child and their guests. 

I dont have any pictures of the food we made that night.  We made individual pizzas so that the girls could pick their own toppings.  If you would like to go more elegant, serve finger food in the shape of stars like these recipes on   Another  fun touch that would make the food look more fancy is to use silver platters from the dollar store. 

This has nothing to do with a Hollywood theme, but being 9, my daughter helped make her own monkey cake.   (her idea)    Sometimes its okay not to stick with the theme, if it makes your child happy. At 9 years old, most girls are obssessed with monkeys, so this was a huge hit
If you would like a more glamourous themed caked, how about the sunglasses cake from

or popcorn cupcakes from

After walking the red carpet, its movie watching time.  I loved this homemade concession stand by pumpkinseedproductions.blogspot.  The dollar store has a lot of box type candy and even popcorn containers.   The girls can watch some of their favorite movies while enjoying popcorn, and candy.

The next morning I handed out mini tropheys that I found at the dollar store. Each girl got their own special award.   The birthday girl got Best Performance by a Drama Queen (there had been tears at her party.. LOL)  and Best Performance by a Birthday Girl.    Kara got Best Performance by a Little Sister.  I don't remember what awards the other girls got, but they seemed happy with their awards.  

It was definitely a memorable party.   

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