Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

I was on the receiving end of 3 random acts of kindness today.  It feels good when it happens one time in a day, but three?!   Today I feel really blessed.      Two of the acts were by complete strangers and one from a woman I know at my daughters school. 

On Fridays, I volunteer at the library at my youngest daughters school.  The school librarian  I work with also works at our public library.  My oldest daughter really needs a copy of a the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" for a project that is due very soon.  I had not been successful  in finding it at our library, or in the stores.  I subscribe to Netflix stream, but it is only available on DVD.  I just happened to have canceled that part of the service awhile back. I asked Vickie  if she knew where I might find a copy, since I was having some trouble finding it.  I figured she might just give me some ideas and leave it at that.  She told me that she thought she might have a personal copy that I could borrow.  She called her home and asked for someone to check their DVD collection to see if she did actually have it.   I went to eat lunch with my daughter, while she waited to hear back.   When I got back after lunch, she told me that she did not have it home.  Then she surprised me and said I looked online for you.   I found it at the branch of a neighboring towns library, and I called and put it on hold for you.  You can pick up today. This small branch was in a strip mall about 10 miles away and I didnt even know it existed.  Thank you Vickie for all of your help and for going an extra step that was totally unexpected. 

When I was done at the school, I went to Meijers to get this weeks groceries.  As you know from several of my posts, I am a couponer.   Today while in the one of the aisles, I had my coupon binder open while looking for a coupon. A man who I did not know, came up to me laid a coupon on my binder. He said Happy New Year and disappeared.  I said thank you to him but did not get a good look at him before he disappeared.   I also did not get a good look at the coupon until after he was gone.  It was for $20 off of groceries! I was totally shocked that he had been so generous.  I tried to find him  to really thank him, but I could not find him again.  Even though he might not hear it, I am putting out a personal thank you out there for his kindness.   

Before I could even leave the store, it happened again.  I was standing by the strawberries, looking them over.  One of the women who works at Meijer  came up to me and said.. "I see you are a couponer, I have a special coupon for you.  Come with me a minute. " She walk me over to the salad section.  She said I dont know if you know this but there are coupons for FREE Dole salads in these flyers.  (the Meijer Healthy Living booklets underneath the Meijer recipe rack)  She  gave me two.  She said one for today and one for your next visit.   Thank you nice woman in the produce department.  I really appreciate finding about about the special coupons.  

My luck continued when I got up to the register.  My favorite cashier Karen had just walked to her lane.  The chain was still on  the aisle, but she called out to me and said she was opening her register.  I got to walk right up without any wait.  Karen also enjoys couponing and is really good about ringing them up properly. She loves to see the savings ad up.   Thank you Karen for being a great cashier..  

Now after receving so much kindness today, I know I need to pass it on.  

*The cat picture has nothing to do with my post.  I just love it!  I makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy.

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  1. It's an incredible feeling to give and receive Random Acts of Kindness! Thanks for sharing (:


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