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Welcome to what used to be my deals and coupons page. Why the change? I have been so busy with my life that I did not keep up with the deals and coupons on this page. Do I still use deals and coupons? Yes definitely, but I had an idea  that would make this page much better without keeping up with frequently changing deals. 

Everything on this page will be something that I personally use and LOVE.  I do have certain stores, apps and other things that I use regularly to save money that I recommended to all my family and friends.  I thought to myself, why not share my love of these things with my readers where they can easily find them as well. 

A little bit about me that you might not already know.  I am a single mom of now grownish kids.  If you are a long time reader you have seen them grow up on the blog.  After I was divorced, I had to start being a bit more frugal with my money.  I started my blog as a way to make some extra income doing what I love to do, and while taking care of my children.  I also went back to work as a substitute teacher.  I love teaching, and the school where I teach.  One down side to teaching school though is substitute teachers do not get paid a lot, and we do not have school in the summer. I do not get paid when we are not in school.  My background is pretty much the reason why my favorite stores are all discount type of stores, and my posts about crafts and parties are on the frugal side.

Seriously, the Dollar Tree is my absolute favorite store!!  I shop there frequently, and the cashiers at my local store all know me.  They have almost everything you could want and need at a great price.  If you have not been there in awhile, you will be amazed at all the new items that they get in almost every day.  I recently wrote a blog post sharing things you should always buy at the Dollar Tree. I frequently share pictures of my finds on Instagram.  Another thing that I recently found out about the Dollar Tree and started doing, is buying items I can't find in the store online, and having them sent free to my local store

The other two stores the are in my top 3 stores are Kohls and Aldi.   I buy almost all of my clothing at Kohls using their coupons, and Kohls rewards.  Aldi is my go to grocery store to feed my family. I have one less than a mile away and shop there before any other grocery store.  You can see me share my Kohls and Aldi finds on Instagram as well.  

Oriental Trading Company is one of my favorite sites for affordable party supplies.  I have worked with them for years, and have used their supplies at many of my parties.  They also offer free shipping on their orders.  

You can see their supplies in action at these parties: Super BowlGingerbread HouseChristmas ElfValentine's Day,

Recently we started using a meal kit sent to our home.  We have been very happy with Every Plate.  If you would like to see an example of our meals, you can read more about on my post Our Experience With Every Plate.  If you would like to try it out, you can use this link for a coupon for $20 off your first box

Do you Rakuten? If you shop online you should! Rakuten gives cash back for purchases made from thousands of online stores. You savings easily add up, and then you are sent a Big Fat Check. It's is such an easy way to earn money just by buying things you were already buying anyway. I try and always use it when I buy online.  You can learn more about Rakuten here.

Another app that I absolutely love is Ibotta. When grocery shopping I make sure to  check the app. You earn back money on items that you are already buying. It's super easy, and who doesn't like easy money.  I have been using it for years.  

Fetch Rewards is another great way to earn money back for items you are already buying.  You earn points for every receipt you enter and then use those points to for gift cards for your favorite stores and restaurants.  Want you learn more, here is the link.




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