Monday, December 12, 2016

Elf themed Cookie Party

Recently I had the chance to have a cookie making party with my daughter, and two special girls in my life.   As you know from my Big Birthday Post that I have recently started working with Oriental Trading and trying out their party supplies. The movie Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies, so when I saw all of their adorable elf themed party supplies, I knew I wanted to have an Elf Themed Cookie Party with the girls.  

In the picture above I filled elf candy buckets with elf themed treats. I could have filled them with candy, but I knew we would have plenty of sugar making the cookies   

Each of the girls got a couple of elf dolls, elf stickers, elf rubber duckies and Elf on the Shelf erasers 

The Plush Long Arm Elves were perfect to hang from their very own themed Elf tree  

The girls also got a plastic elf mug that were the perfect size to dunk their cookies in milk. 

We did not have the chance to use these yet, but were are going to use these cupcake collars and picks to make Elf themed cupcakes very soon.  

I am pretty excited about these Elf Photo Stick Props.  While the pictures I took with the girls that day, they  are too dark and blurry to post (I just do not have enough good light where I live). I am going to take these to a Christmas party I am going to this weekend.  Many of the guests will be the ones who attended my Big Birthday, and it will be at my friends house who does have good lighting. ☺ 

These elf treat boxes were really cute, and the perfect size for a candy treat. 

B was in a silly mood, and kept making faces in all of my pictures. She normally smiles and poses in pictures. At least I got one picture of her working on the cookies without her making a funny face. Here she is concentrating on which cookie cutters to use. That is more than I can say for my own daughter who still makes faces in every single picture I take of her. Hopefully she will outgrow that soon! (maybe I will do a post on it) 

I knew the girls were going to make a big mess, so I tried to organize my supplies. I put all of my Christmas sprinkles and cookie options on a tray to keep them contained and somewhat organized. 

I bought take out containers at the dollar store for the girls to take their cookies home.  I will definitely be doing this again when we bake. 

We ate some of the cookies on Elf themed party supplies,   

T cooperated with a big smile while showing off her elf goodies.  

If you are interested in hosting your own elf party or other Christmas theme, there is still time to get fun themed supplies from the Oriental Trading Christmas Store.  They have a great selection of party supplies, decorations, crafts and stocking stuffers for many different themes. .  

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